As someone who has recently become a Police Officer, I have personal experience in the whole application process and I know the difficulties first-hand.

There's lots of information out there with advice on how to be successful. However, I struggled to find it all in one place and much of it was outdated.

Therefore, I decided to create this website: How to Join the Police.

My aim? To provide you with everything you need to know to join the Police in the UK.

Take a look around, and thank you for visiting!



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The Application Form

This is the first step to your career as a Police Officer.

Get it right, and you will be well on your way.

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The Core Competencies

Do you want to sail through the application process?

Make sure you understand the Core Competencies inside out!

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The Assessment Centre

This is what everybody dreads....

Be confident and be prepared - It's not that bad!

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Articles & Reviews

Articles and reviews of products.

All with the sole purpose of assisting your application journey.

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The Fitness Test

The fitness test need not be difficult.

Train, train, and train some more.

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Recruiting Now

Ready to apply?

We've got a full list of the UK's police forces who are currently recruiting.

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